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Directions to the Planetarium

GPS: 26°11'18.7"S; 28°01'41.1"E

NOTE: if you are travelling by bus, or visiting during the last week of December, you should enter campus from Empire Road (turn into Yale Rd)

  • Directions by car
  • Directions using public transport
  • Pedestrian Access to the Planetarium

From Pretoria

  • Take the Ben Schoeman highway (M1) to Johannesburg;
  • Take the Empire Road off-ramp;
  • at the T-junction at the end of the off-ramp, turn right into Empire road;
  • move to the left-hand lane;
  • just before the traffic lights under the M1 bridge, take the slip-road to the left into Yale Road;
  • you will pass through WITS Traffic Control - tell them you are going to the Planetarium;
  • Drive past the Planetarium on your left, and turn left at the circle onto East Campus;
  • Take the next turn left and proceed down to the Planetarium.

From the East Rand

  • At Gillooly's interchange take N3/N12 to Durban;
  • At the Geldenhuis interchange take the M2 (W) to Johannesburg;
  • After about 10km take M1 Sandton / Pretoria off-ramp;
  • After about 1.6 km take the Smit Street off-ramp;
  • turn left into Smit Street;
  • take the first left into Eendracht Street;
  • drive up to the first set of traffic lights and turn left into De Korte Street;
  • go to the middle lane;
  • pass straight through the traffic lights into Yale Road;
  • at WITS Traffic Control tell them that you are going to the Planetarium;
  • pass through the Amic Deck traffic lights;
  • turn right onto East Campus at the circle;
  • take the first left turn, which will take you down to the Planetarium.

Using public transport

Use the Metro Rail train or the Gautrain to go to Park Station (Johannesburg Station).

  • At the ReaVaya Bus Station take the C3 Braamfontein / CBD bus (East bound);
  • Get off at the Eendracht and Jorrisen bus stop (the actual stop is before Eendracht and is not marked);
  • Walk in the direction of the traffic flow to Senate House (on your left).

A few things you need to know before using public transport

Gautrain -

  • The Gautrain busses do not serve Wits University (they do go past Braamfontein Civic Centre), nor do they run on weekends;
  • When you exit the Gautrain "gates" at Park Station, turn right and follow the signs marked "BUSSES", do not use the Smit street exit.
  • The last train departs at 8:30pm (according to Gautrain - please check their schedule)

Rea Vaya bus -

  • You need to purchase a smartcard before getting onto the bus (available at any station for about R30; each person needs their own smartcard;
  • once you have your card, you need to load the bus fare onto it (min R15.00) - currently Park station to WITS is R7.50 per trip;
  • just like the Gautrain, you will need to "tap" in at the bus station and "tap" out when leaving the bus, if you do not do this you will be penalised with R15;
  • there are busses nominally at least every 30 minutes, but please check their current schedule and note also that the time displayed at the bus stations may not be accurate;
  • after your visit at the Planetarium, go back to point where the bus dropped you off - now for the tricky part. There are two C3 busses - one to Park Station, the other goes to Hillbrow - they are not marked, so you will need to ask the driver - if he says "park" then it is Park Station, if he says "straight" then it is Hillbrow. If you take the bus going via Hillbrow, get off at the Art Gallery Station and walk via Wolmarans Street to Park Station (860 meters) PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR PETTY CRIMINALS IN THIS AREA.
  • The last bus on weekends is currently at 5:30pm.

Pedestrian Access to the Planetarium

The only pedestrian entry and exit point to WITS is through the Senate House Visitors Centre where proof of identity needs to be provided. The Visitors Centre is open from 6am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.

Pedestrian map to Planetarium

East Campus Map